5 Reasons Why Jewelry is Important to Modern-day Women

5 Reasons Why Jewelry is Important to Modern-day Women

Jewelry is often viewed as a fashion accessory for completing an outfit. For many, a look is not complete until the right accessories are added. A "classic" look, for instance, demands pearls and diamonds for completion.

Jewelry has played an important role in human life for thousands of years. We learn from history that ancient civilizations appreciated jewelry and it was used to highlight the natural beauty of its wearers. Different pieces were worn to symbolize different messages such as security, wisdom, elegance, and prosperity.

Many women like to wear jewelry as a symbol of femininity or to showcase social status. Jewelry can also make a woman feel confident and beautiful.

Here are five reasons jewelry is important to modern-day women:

1. It's an essential accessory for special occasions.

Jewelry is very valuable to women and it's importance in their lives today is not hard to understand given the fact that it has been worn by humans for centuries. It's popularity only increases as time progresses as new styles and designs enter the marketplace. Attending special occasions, such as weddings, graduations, award ceremonies, birthday parties, and anniversary dinners, without wearing jewelry is not an option for the majority of women. They would feel dull and under-dressed without some pieces of jewelry to adorn themselves.

2. It can be a good investment.

Finance expert, Alister Clare from Credit Capital says, “jewelry is not only used for decoration, but certain items can also serve as great investments and will hold their value indefinitely. A jewelry collection can be a great security fund. She adds, “buying jewelry investment pieces, especially the expensive ones, allows you to buy what you love, however you must ensure that you are buying from reputable sources.”

Diamonds have been sought-after for centuries and are always in high demand regardless of any fluctuating economies and happenings in society. The high demand for diamonds, as well as gold, ensures that jewelry holds its value and will always be easy to liquidate when needed.

Gold is a precious metal, and gold bracelets, rings, and necklaces can easily be melted down and turned into bullion bars and new pieces of jewelry. The value of gold remains relatively stable unlike that of cash, which fluctuates depending on economic factors. Jewelry with high gold content will always have a high value. For instance, the current global economic crisis is not having an impact on gold prices, which continues to increase.

3. It makes them feel good and gives them self-confidence.

Jewelry has an unquestionable ability to bring out the best in a woman's features and personality when the right piece is worn by the right individual to the right occasion. It is important for women as it can make them feel beautiful, stylish, special, and confident. It ultimately plays a big role in making a woman feel good about herself, which is why it's so valuable to many women.

4. It's often one of the most expensive and valuable gifts a woman gets from her husband.

There is a huge range of different pieces of jewelry a man can buy for a woman, and his choice depends on the occasion and the amount of money he wants to or can pay. Jewelry can range from $10 to hundreds of thousands of dollars in price. Items containing platinum and diamond are the most expensive, while silver jewelry is relatively affordable. White gold is the most popular choice at the moment.

5. It can have sentimental value.

Some pieces of jewelry that women own have a sentimental value much higher than their monetary value. For example, a five hundred dollar engagement ring can have infinitely greater intrinsic worth and be something to cherish forever. Moreover, its sentimental value can increase as it's handed down to future generations.

Feel confident and beautiful!

Be remembered!

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