We have been wearing jewelry made from leather since, like forever, ever since the first person slipped on a leather wristband. It became a mainstay of hippie culture but in the last few years, it has become more mainstream. 

Leather bracelets have long been a favorite of rock stars but in this Instagram age, Hollywood celebrities, fashion trendsetters, and influencers have helped them become one of the hottest jewelry trends. 

The question is - as with all trends that we adopt from the catwalk or celebrities  - is how to follow the trend so it's natural and you don't just look like a wannabe. 

If you have always worn metal jewelry, particularly silver or gold, why should you pick leather and how do you make it part of your personal style? If you're a fan of costume jewelry, how does leather fit in with your other pieces? 


Leather has advantages in all areas:

For the jewelry maker, genuine leather is very malleable and is easy to make into cords, straps, bands, braids, and cut into any shape. It can be combined with any other material including metal, plastic, beads,  natural stones, and gemstonesLeather bracelets can be small and delicate or made into chunky bangles and cuffs. Leather costs less than other materials, adding affordability to its list of advantages. 

For the wearer, the choice of leather bracelets is absolutely huge. There is no limitation on the style or design of a leather bracelet. While there are more options for women, there is still a really good range of men's leather bracelets

Another consideration is that people who are allergic to precious metals are unlikely to have an allergy to leather. Leather is suitable for practically everyone (except vegans!)


Just like any other items of women's, unisex, or men's jewelryleather bracelets should reflect your style and personality as well as be comfortable to wear. Do not prioritize style over comfort. 

The five criteria in choosing any bracelet whether made from leather or some other material are style, budget, personality, design, and quality. 

Style: There's a series of questions to ask yourself about your choice. Do you want glam or simple? Is it something you are going to wear every day? Think about how it will fit into your lifestyle. A close-fitting leather bangle, for instance, will not interfere with comfort if you use a keyboard all day. If you spend a lot of time outdoors. you need a secure fastener to prevent it from getting lost. Do you want it to be adjustable or to have features such as gemstones? Is it to match other pieces in your collection such as a pendant or will you wear it stacked with others? Stacking bracelets is as hot a trend as leather bracelets which look really good when paired with beaded bracelets and a watch. 

Budget: Of course, you need to consider how much to spend. If you veer towards designer leather bracelets, you will have to pay top dollar for great craftsmanship and excellent quality. There's a big difference between a designer bangle bracelet and a leather cord bracelet you buy from an artisan at the local craft market. 

Personality: Everything you wear makes a statement about you. When thinking about bracelet designs, consider the sort of impression your black leather bracelet with studs will give as opposed to a delicate sterling silver bracelet. Will a beautiful id bracelet say more about you than a heavy wrap bracelet? Will a braided leather bracelet look good if you wear a suit and tie every day? rather than jeans and a t-shirt? Also, think about your other accessories and choose a bracelet that you can wear on numerous occasions - especially if you're splashing out on a designer number. 

Design: We've already said the range of designs is huge. There's a choice of flat, textured, or sculpted leather, different colors, combinations with other materials, with or without gemstones, one-size or adjustableunisex, customizable ... there's no limit on bracelet designs

Quality: The better the quality of the leather, the longer your bracelet will last. Choose what you know is genuine leather rather than fake or faux leather. Unless it's a plain wrap leather cord bracelet, look closely at how the bracelet was made. Is the fastener sturdy, do any gemstones look well set, etc? Scrutinize the craftsmanship to get an idea of the bracelet's potential life and if it will stand up to daily wear.

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