Feature Product for This Month

Each month I like to highlight a product that is worthy of your time to explore and consider. Some products have a worthy story to tell and this product is one of those. 

Allow me to introduce this beautiful bracelet "Khmer Leaf Bomb Cuff". What makes this so special you might ask? Well, it is made from recycled brass bombshell from Cambodia. The artisans took what was a tragic event and turned it into a beautiful piece. Not only did the artisans come up with a beautiful way to repurpose the shell casings, it also provides income from improvised communities who make the bracelet. 

This is a fair trade item and goes to help those most in need in those communities who are disadvantaged and improvised. So, if you decided this is the right piece for you, it not only is something you will be proud to wear, but it is helping those who are working hard to create a better situation for their community.